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10 April 2011 @ 01:57 am

Chinaman's Peak June 19th, 2010

I'm homesick for my Rocky Mountains =(

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4:37 am

The world is on pause; I love it.

3 wishes. I wish I could stop time. I wish I could fly. Then I'd get out of here and see the world. No line-ups, no admission costs, and no traveler's stress. No chaperons, no time limit, and no luggage. The world would be mine, so I'd go anywhere and everywhere. I'd stand on top of the highest buildings in New York and watch frozen taxis being chased by frozen business men wearing overpriced suits. I'd mock the women in high heels whose facial expressions rivaled roller coaster riders as their coffee stayed splattered in mid-air. For once, New York City would be at rest, and there'd only be me walking through it. I'd break into Carnagie Hall and pretend to play for a sold out show. I'd sneak onto a broadway stage and see the set of Next to Normal, Avenue Q, and Les Miserables. Eventually I'd get tired of this scene, so I'd probably go to Europe. I'd sit on top of Big Ben, happy that his hands were not moving. I'd go into double decker buses with other tourists and pretend to be part of the group, wondering whether or not they'd even remotely feel my presence. But oh well. I'd visit John Barrowman too :)

I'd go to: Italy and drift down the canal, to Paris to float off the Eiffel Tower, to the Egypt to figure out the pyramids, to Japan to get the newest cellphone, to the Philippines to see my family, to California to reminisce, to Switzerland to see swiss people, to New Zealand because I don't know what's there, to Australia to hug a koala, to Spain to throw tomatoes, to Greece and do my own olympics, to China because everything's made there, to the Lourve to "analyze" art, to Rome and pretend to be chased by lions, to Stonehenge to see what all the comotion is about, to South Korea to get some food, to Russia so I could see what I've learned about, to Sweden to visit IKEA's origins, and back to The Core, on top of one of the buildings so I could figure out where to go next.

And after all my travelling was done, I'd go back home and the clock would turn
4:38 am

I said 3 wishes. My third is to do all this with you.
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27 March 2009 @ 10:24 pm
this is my favorite picture.
isn't the sky just amazing?

In the Bahamas I:

helped build a school; helped dig a trench; rode a horse; swam in the ocean; slept on the beach; walked a 'mile' to Starbucks; made new friends; ate amazing food; drank weird drinks; held turtles; met Lambo; got darker; took tons of pictures; bargained for different stuff; drank so much water; sunburned my shoulder, chased goats, met the really pretty Patmos people; watched a gymnastics show; was amazed by Atlantis; visited an Aids camp; was inspired by all the people; watched a parade; visited a planetarium; learned one line from their national anthem; pickaxed solid rock; visited an elementary school; wore shorts; saw no moon; took a lot of jumping pictures; learned how to bend steel; chased sea gulls; watched a guy dunk in basketball; locked my luggage with the key inside; had to break the lock with a rock; played with the little kids; washed a school bus; wrote a song about not having internet; learned to play pool from a master; watched the sunset; hid from our Pastor; got no bug bites; never took my sunglasses off my head; got a new bag; visited tons of beaches; chased and assisted in the killing of a cockroach; played cards on the sand; played dutch blitz anywhere we could; the list could go on, but in other words;

had a fantastic time!
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13 March 2009 @ 11:11 pm

I know, it's been way too long since I've done a graphics post xp. But I've been super busy with school and stuff,,, so here's so stuff thats just been sitting in my computer, waiting to be adopted by wonder people :)

David Thewlis
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24 December 2008 @ 10:06 pm
Merry Christmas Everyone!

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